40 pounds!!!!

At last! It’s taken since Sept. 9 to lose two darn pounds, and it’s not that I’m  close to the finish line.  At this rate, I’ll need a year and a half to lose the remaining 18 pounds!

My rational left brain — something I picture as a dried walnut meat rattling in an empty gourd — says, So what? You’re planning/hoping to live that long. What’s wrong with getting steadily healthier/fitter?

My hysterical right brain — I see it as a simmering mess of purple plums — says, What?! Not eating everything that’s not nailed down and feeling droopy forEVER?!

Then the left brain whispers in a husk-like rattle, But DO you feel any better after eating all that junk?

If I’m lucky, this endless internal dialog is so exhausting I have to go to bed. Which is what I did Thursday night, which is why I was up early enough Friday morning to see this blood-orange sunrise. Five minutes later and everything was gray. Three hours after that, sunny and clear. Go figure.

Mrs. St. Clair had Limbertwig, Arkansas Black and Golden Delicious apples at the Harmony Farmer’s Market yesterday afternoon, so I made appleesauce for Sunday dinner with David, Beryl and Fay. Big mistake. The 16 or so antique Arkansas Blacks and Limbertwigshave tons of flavor but almost no juice. Peeling, coring and slicing required hands of steel, and I probably added three

Dixie St. Clair with some really firm Arkansas Black apples

cups of water to the simmering sauce to keep it from sticking and scorching.

Ordinarily, making applesauce is the simplest of processes. I like to make bunches at this time of year and freeze for holiday dinners. But after the cleaving and simmering (with a cinnamon stick, of course) issues, the 20-some-year-old blender decided to die. If only I’d bought the immersion blender at last Saturday’s Wade’s Mill cooking class in Raphine, Va., as was recommended. 

Since I didn’t, I was stuck with trying to make a smooth sauce in the food processor which was not cool. I did as best I could (nobody will doubt that it’s homemade), added 2/3 cup of sugar to my approximately 1 quart of sauce back in the pot, stirred to dissolve the sugar over low heat, added 1 teaspoon vanilla, tossed the cinnamon, refrigerated the sauce and went to bed. Not fun.

More often than not, I enjoy cooking. Hope the pumpkin macaroni and cheese with toasted walnuts goes more smoothly this morning.

Last of soybean leaves at Harve Hollar's old dairy barn

One response to “40 pounds!!!!”

  1. the south in my mouth Avatar
    the south in my mouth

    Can’t remember where I heard this but every time I’m tempted by the bacon cheeseburger or the hot fudge sundae what rattles around in my conflicted brain is: “Nothing tastes as good as being thin.” Keep a going, girl. You’re doing good.


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