Hark, the chocolate angels sing

If I could catch the house cats, chances are I’d dip them in chocolate. It’s that time of year.

 And here I am, married to someone who only likes peanut butter cups because of the peanut butter. Before the December feeding frenzy finishes, he’ll have some sugar cookie cutouts, but for today: Mas chocolate. I’ll use the rest of yesterday’s truffle chocolate to dip dried apricots and then bake and freeze rocky road brownies. In the fridge already: The truffles. In the freezer: A chocolate-pecan-bourbon pie. The peanut butter cups — tucked away on a shelf where I can’t see them.

Because as you know if you cook, eat and gain weight, you must eventually blow the whistle on sugar consumption while going full speed ahead on cooking. And how did I do that yesterday? Protein at every meal: A turkey sandwich for breakfast, baked chicken for lunch and tuna for supper. I must do this every day during the holiday food fest because I feel better, snack not at all and go to bed and sleep.

I also ate one little truffle with lunch. I counted it as about 100 calories and wasn’t gnawed by feelings of deprivation all afternoon.

food & family magazine’s Oreo Truffles
1 8-ounce package full-fat cream cheese
1 package regular Oreos (1 pound, more or less)
2 boxes (8 ounces each) good-quality semisweet baking chocolate
Unwrap cream cheese into mixing bowl to soften at room temperature. Crumb

Store truffles, tightly covered, in refrigerator after chocolate loses its sheen and hardens.

Oreos in food processor, reserving 1 cup crumbs. Add remainder crumbs to cream cheese and blend until smooth. Melt chocolate in microwave, stirring every 30 seconds to avoid scorching.

Make the cream cheese-Oreo mixture into 48 balls. Dip in melted chocolate, set on waxed paper to dry and sprinkle crumbs over.

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