September morn

We woke up this morning to the sound of war. Well, war if you’re a dove, one of those poor, silly, pink-footed boobies that don’t even know enough to fly out of the road with cars approaching.

Even the spiders are stocking up.

This was a lot of fellas with more money than sense blasting away as soon as the grayest peep of daylight crept over the horizon. So many of them crowd into such small fields we don’t understand why they don’t mow down each other rather than the birds.

But we haven’t heard any ambulances — just gunfire. As the day dwindles down, it’s starting up again.

We put on our brightest headgear and went for a walk this morning to find the kudzu blooming. If you’ve never smelled these purple blossoms, they have a sweet, fruity scent a lot like wisteria’s, only lighter. So even though the temperatures are still in the 90s, fall arrives in 19 days. Yahoo! Time for pork chops and sweet potatoes and fried apples and cocoa and holidays and (on Dec. 15) for the return of Dora the Explorer who told us today that she’s had three marriage proposals in her 9 days in Tanzania.

This rustic  tart or galette is so easy any of our grandchildren (aside from the 2-year-old steamroller) could make it. Something about the browned, free-form crust just looks like fall to me.  Even though I didn’t make the crust (lazy cook who also froze green beans this afternoon), it looks like something of the earth and smells celestial.  Top with whipped cream for some autumnal decadence.

More spider macrame.

Rustic peach tart

1 pre-made pie crust

1 pound fresh peaches, peeled and sliced

3/4 cup granulated sugar plus 2 tablespoons

1/3 cup all-purpose flour

1/2 teaspoon ground ginger

1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg

Raisins, slivered almonds, optional

Heat the oven to 425°. Spread piecrust in 12-inch circle on cookie sheet. In bowl toss peach slices, 3/4 cup sugar, flour, ginger, nutmeg, raisins and almonds if using (I threw in about 1/4 cup of each). Spread the peach mixture on the crust, leaving bare a 2-inch ring around the outside edge. Fold that edge over the peaches, pleating as you fold and leaving the center open. Sprinkle the pie with the remaining 2 tablespoons sugar. Bake the galette for 15 to 20 minutes or until golden, then reduce the heat to 350º and bake another 30 minutes until peaches are bubbling enthusiastically. Serves 4.

Let the tart rest for at least half an hour to allow the fruit juice to firm up.

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