Healthy, inexpensive fro-yo for your dog(s)

If my desk top weren’t a sucking fire swamp, I could tell you from what newspaper supplement I took this recipe. Wherever it came from, you can see our dogs like it — that’s 50+-pound pit mix Pearl licking out the mixing bowl.

Simply combine 3 uber-ripe (peeled) bananas, 1 cup peanut butter and a 32-ounce container of plain yogurt. Freeze in ice cube trays for a frosty fido fete. I’d guess the cost at about $7 for maybe 50 treats.

You don’t have to use a mixer but it definitely helps to smooth bananas into mixture.
When well blended, mixture is actually fluffy.
The problem in most homes is going to be finding ice cube trays!
She likes it! She really likes it!




One response to “Healthy, inexpensive fro-yo for your dog(s)”

  1. Explain to me why this is only for dogs and not for people too?! Looks delish!


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