A brilliant quiche

I’ve been doing a little wine reading lately, and a word that keeps popping up is “brilliant.” It doesn’t relate to intellect but to surprise and fortuitousness and spark, to something that is just immediately right on the taste buds. That would be this Quiche from the December (and final) issue of  Cooking Light magazine.… Continue reading A brilliant quiche

Two cooks are not too many; curried chicken and cauliflower

I went back to work half-time at the end of May (with a 6 to 8 hour weekly commute) and did not foresee this benefit: Stoic the Vast has vastly expanded his cooking repertoire. He’s baked a toothsome whole wheat-oat bread for years and, likewise, always been in charge of fluffy omelets with sautéed peppers… Continue reading Two cooks are not too many; curried chicken and cauliflower

For Pat, Part II or Fear of Fish

Several years ago a friend and I agreed that we almost always order fish in nice restaurants but are just as likely not to cook it at home. We’re both good cooks who cook a lot. Why isn’t this the easiest thing in the world? I can whip up a quick tuna salad (you should… Continue reading For Pat, Part II or Fear of Fish

For Pat — what I did with the Christmas smoked scallops

I usually credit whatever web site I find a recipe on, but I missed that this time, also changed a few things like amount of liquid. Recipe called for 2 cups baby arugula but there was not a leaf available in Mocksville so I substituted 2 cups chopped baby spinach, and it was just fine.… Continue reading For Pat — what I did with the Christmas smoked scallops

There’s always a death at Christmas

Of course, death is always with us in vast quantities that we can only imagine when we can’t sleep at night. But the ones that have gobsmacked me at holiday time started with a Shakespeare seminar classmate in college. I didn’t know him well, but when he disappeared over Christmas break in a small plane… Continue reading There’s always a death at Christmas

Emo eating, addiction and wellness

I broke my foot in June and quickly gained 14 pounds — faster, you might say, than a heifer on a feed lot. That was five months ago. Since September I’ve carved off nine of those pounds — as slowly as sculpting marble with a butter knife. Aaargh, that’s all I can say. (Of course,… Continue reading Emo eating, addiction and wellness

Watsontown, PA

“How’d you find Watsontown?” asked one of my 111 high school classmates after Stoic and I ended up there as we drove home from Niagara Falls last month. She, incidentally, is among the handful of us who didn’t stay there after graduation. Well, as a vaudeville comic might say, with great difficulty. I think because… Continue reading Watsontown, PA