Wonderful cookies, flu season

You know it, and I know it. We’re going to make some Christmas treats (and, we hope, eat only a few!!). So those treats might as well be wonderful. Luckily, these are called Wonderful Cookies. I ate my first at a book club get-together 2 weeks ago. I got the recipe from the host and then… Continue reading Wonderful cookies, flu season

Drowning in a sea of chocolate

Please don’t take away my healthy food writer creds. It’s just so easy to pop a dessert into the oven (and so hard to divide it into the proper number of servings), and this one is so good. I promise this is the last in a series of 3, and then we’ll concentrate on vegetables.… Continue reading Drowning in a sea of chocolate

Stealth weight loss; zucchini bread by request

The stealth weight loss continues — 10 pounds gone since Christmas. Mostly due, I think, to 5 consecutive swim-exercise sessions at our community pool since the arrival of our beloved grand, Snow White. Also, trying to make her diet a little healthier always improves mine. Except that I cannot get excited about the garden cucumbers… Continue reading Stealth weight loss; zucchini bread by request

For Cam, Chandler and Catherine: The banana sheet cake with caramel frosting`

Cam was disappointed that this recipe wasn’t the first one posted from the church youth group supper. Chandler was so pleased with himself that he recognized the brown sugar in the icing, and Catherine, damn her eyes, may be the only person I’ve ever known who could love this, yet eat only a bite or… Continue reading For Cam, Chandler and Catherine: The banana sheet cake with caramel frosting`

Eat, pray, love — the definition of supper at church

Last night we fixed supper for our church youth group: spicy lentil chili, broccoli cornbread, tossed salad, grapes and clementines, banana cake with caramel icing. It was some work but a lot of fun, unexpectedly so. As they finished their spring breaks, these teens were full o’ beans (even before the chili).  They were also happy,… Continue reading Eat, pray, love — the definition of supper at church

Great-aunt Charlotte, angel food cake

This is my mother’s mother’s baby sister, Charlotte. I remember her whooping laugh, her wonderful, ramshackle cottage on Lake Pochung and her angel food cake, which was high and white as the Cliffs of Dover, sweet and light  as a forkful of cloud. For my 16th birthday, she made one of these wonders and Uncle Theodore brought his… Continue reading Great-aunt Charlotte, angel food cake

The Remains of the (Birth)day

“My mother likes to use recipes,” said our youngest daughter to her friend in a tone that implied I abuse kittens. Both of these young women are the kind of intuitive cooks that fix what’s in the cupboard. Me, not so much. I’ve never been an improviser — at the piano, on stage or in the… Continue reading The Remains of the (Birth)day