I have turned into my dog

It’s true. I eat, I sleep and I am beyond excited when I to go for a car ride. That’s how I happened to try a 1997 Progressive Farmer recipe for Sweet Potato Bread in Week 4 of social distancing. I’m glad I kept it — it’s every bit as tasty and moist as the… Continue reading I have turned into my dog

Eat, pray, love — the definition of supper at church

Last night we fixed supper for our church youth group: spicy lentil chili, broccoli cornbread, tossed salad, grapes and clementines, banana cake with caramel icing. It was some work but a lot of fun, unexpectedly so. As they finished their spring breaks, these teens were full o’ beans (even before the chili).  They were also happy,… Continue reading Eat, pray, love — the definition of supper at church

Bread of life

The recipe came originally from the King Arthur Flour catalog. So, eventually, did the Saf-Instant yeast that  works like magic. I love King Arthur, even though the Bread Baker of the house tends to grab the new mailings and drool over them as if they featured naked women instead of luscious baked goods. When someone requested… Continue reading Bread of life