For Cam, Chandler and Catherine: The banana sheet cake with caramel frosting`

Cam was disappointed that this recipe wasn’t the first one posted from the church youth group supper. Chandler was so pleased with himself that he recognized the brown sugar in the icing, and Catherine, damn her eyes, may be the only person I’ve ever known who could love this, yet eat only a bite or… Continue reading For Cam, Chandler and Catherine: The banana sheet cake with caramel frosting`

Great-aunt Charlotte, angel food cake

This is my mother’s mother’s baby sister, Charlotte. I remember her whooping laugh, her wonderful, ramshackle cottage on Lake Pochung and her angel food cake, which was high and white as the Cliffs of Dover, sweet and light  as a forkful of cloud. For my 16th birthday, she made one of these wonders and Uncle Theodore brought his… Continue reading Great-aunt Charlotte, angel food cake

And then…

Anne Lamott describing her usual Sunday School class for youngsters in Stitches: “Then we pray to try to be good and kind to one another. We read a short passage of Scripture, talk about it and try to learn something together about our lives and God’s love. And then, as in all great religious traditions, we… Continue reading And then…

Adult chocolate cake

It was a lovely wedding last weekend — beautiful, meaningful ceremony full of promises and promise, laughter, spring flowers, good people, fat babies and food to make hearts sing. Friday night we ate Italian, the Saturday brunch reception food was Cajun and the Sunday morning breakfast for out-of-towners was a table of quiches, breads, fresh… Continue reading Adult chocolate cake

Help, I need a different brain!

So it’s really not my fault! Gretchen Reynolds in today’s New York Times writes about the different responses of obese and normal weight women watching other women exercise. During this discussion she says — just as if everyone knew:                                    … Continue reading Help, I need a different brain!

The Remains of the (Birth)day

“My mother likes to use recipes,” said our youngest daughter to her friend in a tone that implied I abuse kittens. Both of these young women are the kind of intuitive cooks that fix what’s in the cupboard. Me, not so much. I’ve never been an improviser — at the piano, on stage or in the… Continue reading The Remains of the (Birth)day

Upside-down cake starts the weekend off right

The days dwindle down but not the garden. More and more and more tomatoes and peppers find their way into huge piles — like highway department de-icer in the winter — on the dining room table. I made a thick, sweet pasta sauce today (7 pounds tomatoes in 4 servings sauce) that tastes of tomatoes,… Continue reading Upside-down cake starts the weekend off right