Ye old spice shoppe, secret chocolate cake

OMGsh, as our friend Marilyn writes so no one thinks she’s cussing. Waiting for supper last week with two other friends, I wandered into the Savory Spice Shop in Birkdale Village, just north of Charlotte. I’d been looking for vanilla beans that cost less than a sports car, and there they were, just inside the… Continue reading Ye old spice shoppe, secret chocolate cake

Eliot Coleman, angel lush cake

Perhaps I should be embarrassed to even think about a recipe including instant pudding and synthetic whippee while reading This Life Is In Your Hands, Melissa Coleman’s loving and painful memoir of her parents’ early years on their Maine organic farm (Harper, 2011), but I’m not. Even though I just came across this quote from Scott… Continue reading Eliot Coleman, angel lush cake