Not happy, sugar bear!

Argh, matey, it’s looking definite that we should eat no more than 25 g sugar daily to reduce inflammation, control weight gain and manage blood sugar. Not counting the 3 pieces of fruit I’ve had today, I ate 8 g sugar in my morning bagel thin and peanut butter and the lite sour cream and… Continue reading Not happy, sugar bear!

Hark, the chocolate angels sing

If I could catch the house cats, chances are I’d dip them in chocolate. It’s that time of year.  And here I am, married to someone who only likes peanut butter cups because of the peanut butter. Before the December feeding frenzy finishes, he’ll have some sugar cookie cutouts, but for today: Mas chocolate. I’ll… Continue reading Hark, the chocolate angels sing

Out of sight, out of feeble mind

This was not a good weekend, healthy eating-wise. Well, actually, lots of what I ate was healthy food with the key word here being “lots.” Lots and lots. Like Ray Milland finding the bottle in the overhead light, I made choco espresso gems, pumpkin pie bars and peanut butter cups and sampled them all. The… Continue reading Out of sight, out of feeble mind