Easy Mongolian beef for the slow cooker

Stoic the Vast refills bird feeders daily in this frigid weather. Jays, cardinals, finches, nuthatches, chickadees, flickers, even crows, panic as soon as a few flakes blanket the fields. “Oh, my God, we’ll starve!” you can hear in their incessant, greedy cheeps. We humans are behaving the same — spending an inordinate amount of time in the kitchen,… Continue reading Easy Mongolian beef for the slow cooker

Kidding ourselves

“I think,” wrote our youngest daughter, “about a quarter of doing well at this eating/working out/being a healthy person thing seems to be tricking myself into thinking something.” At least. Hiding food where we can’t see it, smaller plates, moving to another room — away from the temptation — taking a shower or brushing our… Continue reading Kidding ourselves

Addiction, the sequel (again!); stir-fry problem solvers

A friend’s child went into drug rehab this week. And the way my friend describes the drug use is exactly my thought process when I’m getting ready to medicate my low moods with over-eating: “S/he was only using a few times a week. S/he’d use, feel good. It would wear off. S/he’d get sick (feel… Continue reading Addiction, the sequel (again!); stir-fry problem solvers

Chinese New Year, fried rice

Happy first day of the Year of the Dragon! I am making this the first day of my 2012 as well because the 22 days preceding have been pretty much a wasteland (waist-land?) as far as diet and exercise. On NPR’s “The Splendid Table” yesterday Lynn Rosetto Kasper talked to John Tierney, author of Willpower:… Continue reading Chinese New Year, fried rice