Watsontown, PA

“How’d you find Watsontown?” asked one of my 111 high school classmates after Stoic and I ended up there as we drove home from Niagara Falls last month. She, incidentally, is among the handful of us who didn’t stay there after graduation. Well, as a vaudeville comic might say, with great difficulty. I think because… Continue reading Watsontown, PA

Longing and weight gain; best purple cabbage ever

Years ago my best friend in the newsroom, the sunniest person I’ve ever known besides our younger grandson, asked if I’d ever been sad for something I’d never had. It’s taken me more than 40 years to figure out that’s all I was! Not knowing, of course, meant I was always trying to fill that hole… Continue reading Longing and weight gain; best purple cabbage ever

Weight Watchers watching

Sunday’s USA Today crossword features shades of blue. Appropriate, because I am feeling cobalt, indigo, azure, sky, baby, teal and several others since going back to Weight Watchers three weeks ago (my fourth trip to the scales is tomorrow). The first week I was just anxious — how was I going to figure out the nifty WW phone app?… Continue reading Weight Watchers watching

Guilt and lamb

Amazing how one sentence can bring someone back from the dead and slap you up’side the haid. My mother’s been dead for 18 years, and yet when I found an old letter of hers this morning, boom! This letter’s at least 20 years old, maybe more. She’s talking about a much disliked sister-in-law’s back surgery… Continue reading Guilt and lamb

What’s your heroin?

Mine’s food; computer solitaire in a pinch. I haven’t played solitaire since Oct. 10 (the day I heard Anne Lamott talk about being involved in your life). I still feel the itch every time I sit at the computer. Nobody ever died playing solitaire, of course, but plenty of us have wasted precious hours because… Continue reading What’s your heroin?

Planet Fatso; tortellini slow-cooker soup

Elizabeth Taylor in her old age said the elastic waistband was a girl’s best friend. Diet gurus, though, advise “The elastic waistband is bad for your diet” so I’ve been trying to wear real waistbands with buttons and zippers and stuff. And clothes that fit, not caftans suggestive of a camel ride. I feel, in… Continue reading Planet Fatso; tortellini slow-cooker soup

Two Twinkies, jammy tomatoes

One feels odd, to say the least, taking diet words of wisdom from comic Louis C.K., but in the April 25 issue of Rolling Stone, he does talk sensibly about anxiety and eating. When asked if it helped to realize that his compulsive eating was just self medicating anxiety, he answers: “Oh, definitely. Once you… Continue reading Two Twinkies, jammy tomatoes

Ten commandments

Things I need to accept: 1. All weight “lost” will be found as soon as I think I can eat like a normal-weight person. I dropped to 186 pounds before my high school reunion in August and, magically, I’m back up to 203 after yesterday’s first of two Thanksgiving dinners this week. Beef producers should… Continue reading Ten commandments

Saying goodbye

You asked what it was like to put our youngest on the plane for 4 months in East Africa.  Sad.  Scary. Lonely, even though her father and I share this challenge. We’re both eating like bears getting ready for a Wyoming winter (I’ve put back on 9 of the pounds I lost for my high… Continue reading Saying goodbye

Puppy poop

It’s hard to fault a day in which a kitty shares her lunch chipmunk. Even a day when the air is like wet bread. Puppy and I walked 2.5 20-minute miles this morning. For her, that’s not even stretching her paws. For me, it’s faster than lightning, and I was soaked at the end of… Continue reading Puppy poop