For Pat, Part II or Fear of Fish

Several years ago a friend and I agreed that we almost always order fish in nice restaurants but are just as likely not to cook it at home. We’re both good cooks who cook a lot. Why isn’t this the easiest thing in the world? I can whip up a quick tuna salad (you should… Continue reading For Pat, Part II or Fear of Fish

The new normal; chard-crab quiche

I was diagnosed with breast cancer just before Christmas (yeah, Happy Holidays!), and that’s been my excuse for everything I don’t feel like doing ever since. Like eating well or exercising or going to bed at a reasonable time. “I oughta be able to do this — I have cancer!” Obviously, that’s not going to… Continue reading The new normal; chard-crab quiche

Weird stuff; orange-y slaw

If you’ve never done it, it’s difficult to live with as well as chronicle the mental side of shedding pounds. Eating was my go-to self-medication for all types of anxiety and depression. Now, for every little feeling that ruffles the smooth surface of my mental pond, I need to find other tools. When I don’t,… Continue reading Weird stuff; orange-y slaw

Spring, salmon and surprises

That’s spring on the left — lolling in the hollows behind our house on March 20, fluffing herĀ fur and purring in wild turkey gobbles. I think we have a chance of freezing rain tomorrow. Not funny, Spring. Tramp! Hussy! Meanwhile, in Charlotte this weekend, our friends’ and everyone else’s yards had exploded in buds, flowers… Continue reading Spring, salmon and surprises

Eleventh day of Christmas and, baby, it’s cold outside!

My pipers piping are the redpolls (purple finches) at the bird feeders. Wikipedia says they’re native to the arctic tundra so they should feel right at home in the Carolina Piedmont this morning. Also mentions they “migrate erratically,” which is funny to think about. I guess I’ve done that throughout the holidays — from the… Continue reading Eleventh day of Christmas and, baby, it’s cold outside!

Anne Lamott; salmon patties

Anne Lamott said many memorable things Sunday in Charlotte’s Christ Episcopal Church on a golden gingko-leaved fall afternoon. What I heard (meaning rememberĀ ) is that she didn’t want to be a model of “victimized superiority” (I know some of those dreary people), that she’s fairly certain among the things Jesus frequently says to her is… Continue reading Anne Lamott; salmon patties

Neuroses, chocolate bunnies and tuna casserole

I will never be able to eat everything I want to eat. I will never be able to eat enough to make me “happy” (read: numb). I will never be able to eat enough to make me feel loved, appreciated, beautiful, fill in the blank (and this I mean literally — the hollow that is… Continue reading Neuroses, chocolate bunnies and tuna casserole

Fish chowder

It’s really difficult, if not impossible, to take a picture of a milk-based chowder that looks even a little appetizing. Let me promise you, though, that this easy soup is wonderful, nutritious and not loaded with calories. The recipe’s from my new favorite food magazine, Taste of Home, in which almost all the recipes are… Continue reading Fish chowder