“Sensory strobe light” from a simple soup

When I read a food article like Helen Rosner’s “The Female Chef Making Japan’s Most Elaborate Cuisine Her Own,” (from which I swiped “sensory strobe light”), I think I’m not trying hard enough. Very few exotic ingredients, so little “plating,” so much grabbing and going. But then I realize we’re lucky enough to eat really… Continue reading “Sensory strobe light” from a simple soup

Curry for hot weather supper

This swampy summer climate (102° heat equivalency at this moment) makes me want to eat salt and spices. A curry sounded perfect for tonight, along with a perfectly ripened and chilled cantaloupe. I may even drop an ice cube in my glass of Merlot! The recipe is the best one I’ve found so far in Better… Continue reading Curry for hot weather supper

Easter dinner, harissa roasted carrots

Occasionally, I’m reminded of our narrow taste palette. Making and cooking with harissa, a hot pepper paste from North Africa and the Mediterranean, was one of those times. Even before adding the lemon juice, olive oil and garlic, it smelled like nothing I could identify, except the overtones of anise. I needed only a wee… Continue reading Easter dinner, harissa roasted carrots