YMCA (hear the Village People roar)

“So how’s it going? Your hundred days at the gym or whatever?” It’s going. It’s #101daysagymrat and today is #27. I’ve done two spin classes and gone back in the pool for a deep-water aerobics session. I go to the Friday morning Silver Sneakers class with all the squats, and I hang around after church… Continue reading YMCA (hear the Village People roar)

My sister, my self

Jill is dead. My younger sister, 69, my sweet, funny, bright, troubled, generous, kind, sad sister died at the beginning of this first day of summer. I’ve been waiting, but not ready, for this day since she nearly starved herself to death as a high-schooler. We had no word for anorexia then or any tools… Continue reading My sister, my self

Addiction, the sequel (again)

“None of her actions was in the least inauthentic, but her degree of alienation from goals, actions, simple states of being — the acute, inescapable self-surveillance of the addict — resembles that rarefied ontological space of the depressive, the anxious, the ill, the poet.” (Joshua Cody’s [sic] — A Memoir, W.W. Norton & Co., 2011)… Continue reading Addiction, the sequel (again)

Stoic the Vast and Dora the Explorer; Tomato-cornbread salad

Here’s the thing: A whole lot of stuff does not matter once you get past, say, the quarter-century mark. My husband, Stoic the Vast, thinks that applies to everything (that it doesn’t matter), but he’s wrong. Some things do matter, just not the way people behaved in your high school class 50 years ago. As… Continue reading Stoic the Vast and Dora the Explorer; Tomato-cornbread salad

Off to see the wizard, bacon-herb cupcakes

Well, it’s here — reunion time. Can I hang onto myself, my grownup self, in the midst of all this nostalgic whoop-de-do? I don’t remember a half century ago through a scrim of fondness. Life at home was such that I remember thinking, I wish I could feel something, anything! (It was much safer not… Continue reading Off to see the wizard, bacon-herb cupcakes