Comfort food for the weather; perfect brown rice

Anyone who’s cooking in this weather is probably making at least some desserts. Sweets are the cuddliest of the comfort foods, and nothing’s cuddlier than rice pudding even though Stoic the Vast doesn’t think much of it.  (How is that possible?) Whenever we have enough leftover cooked rice, I get out Mollie Katzen’s original Moosewood Cookbook (Ten… Continue reading Comfort food for the weather; perfect brown rice

Hoppin’ John Salad

Please note: A friend who ate this after it spent a day in the fridge liked it just fine. I could not taste any Italian dressing or thyme. Next time I will dress salad immediately before serving. My new left hip and I are celebrating today with the traditional Southern dinner thought to bring good luck, health… Continue reading Hoppin’ John Salad

Hot southern mess

We’re currently experiencing the nastiest weather of the summer. Think Amazonian rain forest-African jungle heat and humidity. I’ve said (so many times) before: I hate Southern summers, love the food. Today’s lunch was the last of our sweet corn, the first of our field peas, some of Stoic’s perfect tomatoes and a neighbor’s honey-sweet cantalope.… Continue reading Hot southern mess

Corn keeps coming; best corn soup yet!

Every time I ask if there’s more corn out there in the garden, the answer is, yes, there’s still some we can use or take to someone. Can’t believe how a week of rain on top of a hot dry summer plumped and sweetened it. Still seems like a miracle to me — the only… Continue reading Corn keeps coming; best corn soup yet!

What does a fresh corn souffle have to do with depression?

Plenty- in this house where I’ve learned over the years that so much of dealing with depression is putting one foot in front of the other, making supper, digging down into your real (as opposed to your fantasy) relationships. I also need to say here that I’ve been taking a minimal amount of generic Paxil… Continue reading What does a fresh corn souffle have to do with depression?

Sempre vegetabilis!

Exploring Winston’s Sci-Works with grand-Stoics last week, I sat at a game in the kids’ area, thinking it would be a snap. Well, snap, it was not easy to click on foods that matched the game “challenges.”  Pick a packable (potable) lunch with no more than 600 calories, 5 g sugar and no fat, for example.… Continue reading Sempre vegetabilis!

Zucchini, squash and cukes — oh my!

The squashfest continues, along with enough cucumbers to put up pickles for an army. But I have the answer to yellow squash, usually about as tasty to me as wet cotton. This bland, limp vegetable has been waiting for Tommy Lombardo of Euclid, OH and his (her?) recipe for Tex-Mex Summer Squash Casserole in the… Continue reading Zucchini, squash and cukes — oh my!

Addiction always; kale-sweet potato-cannellini bean-sausage soup

“It doesn’t matter whether the Addict is white, black, yellow or green, rich or poor or somewhere in the middle, the most famous Person on the Planet or the most unknown. It doesn’t matter whether the addiction is drugs, alcohol, crime, sex, shopping, food, gambling television, or the f**king Flinstones. The life of the Addict… Continue reading Addiction always; kale-sweet potato-cannellini bean-sausage soup

Spring, salmon and surprises

That’s spring on the left — lolling in the hollows behind our house on March 20, fluffing her fur and purring in wild turkey gobbles. I think we have a chance of freezing rain tomorrow. Not funny, Spring. Tramp! Hussy! Meanwhile, in Charlotte this weekend, our friends’ and everyone else’s yards had exploded in buds, flowers… Continue reading Spring, salmon and surprises

Kidding ourselves

“I think,” wrote our youngest daughter, “about a quarter of doing well at this eating/working out/being a healthy person thing seems to be tricking myself into thinking something.” At least. Hiding food where we can’t see it, smaller plates, moving to another room — away from the temptation — taking a shower or brushing our… Continue reading Kidding ourselves