Our old selves, jiffy curried chicken

Read a closet-cleaning article (a measure of my determination NOT to overeat or play computer solitaire) with a powerful image: Those clothes we can’t seem to discard are our old selves standing in the way of our newer (more organized, focused,thinner) selves. Perfect thought for Halloween, the idea of animating my baggy, saggy tees and sweatpants,… Continue reading Our old selves, jiffy curried chicken

Delusion + carelessness = avoirdupois

Aren’t all women over the age of 45 invisible anyway? asked a friend who’s lost 80 pounds and  had just read my post about disappearing as I shed 27 pounds. Maybe in this country (think about the devastating glamor of French women “of a certain age”) and maybe if we take ourselves out of or away… Continue reading Delusion + carelessness = avoirdupois

Bigger than I like to think

I’m wearing a pair of size 22W shorts and they’re uncomfortably tight. I know, just know, I’m not this big. I’m the one who didn’t order two summer dresses this week because the smallest size available was 1X.  Dang. Of course, that’s one of the problems we chubby people have — we don’t recognize/acknowledge how… Continue reading Bigger than I like to think