Wonderful cookies, flu season

You know it, and I know it. We’re going to make some Christmas treats (and, we hope, eat only a few!!). So those treats might as well be wonderful. Luckily, these are called Wonderful Cookies. I ate my first at a book club get-together 2 weeks ago. I got the recipe from the host and then… Continue reading Wonderful cookies, flu season

Meyer lemons, baby puff pastry shells and a holiday dessert that doesn’t break the calorie bank

Disaster  narrowly averted at our house this morning: Slicing into a newly baked loaf of Stoic’s oat bread, I started to walk computer-ward with my usual thick crust that I always log as 200 calories. Just for grins, I weighed it before I left the kitchen. Three ounces! An extra 100  calories that I’ve been scarfing… Continue reading Meyer lemons, baby puff pastry shells and a holiday dessert that doesn’t break the calorie bank

The Remains of the (Birth)day

“My mother likes to use recipes,” said our youngest daughter to her friend in a tone that implied I abuse kittens. Both of these young women are the kind of intuitive cooks that fix what’s in the cupboard. Me, not so much. I’ve never been an improviser — at the piano, on stage or in the… Continue reading The Remains of the (Birth)day

Vegetarian vacation

As wonderful as it is when the children come home, it stinks when they leave to go back to college or work or both. Our youngest drove off in pouring  rain this morning, leaving the house feeling chillier and duller. We had a wonderful time, saw 9 movies during the 8 days and 9 nights she… Continue reading Vegetarian vacation

Bread of life

The recipe came originally from the King Arthur Flour catalog. So, eventually, did the Saf-Instant yeast that  works like magic. I love King Arthur, even though the Bread Baker of the house tends to grab the new mailings and drool over them as if they featured naked women instead of luscious baked goods. When someone requested… Continue reading Bread of life

Reasons for the season

“After all, recent research shows that by the year 2020, it’s estimated that 83 percent of men and 72 percent of women will be either overweight or obese.” Adam Bornstein, livestrong.com editorial directorImagine, a nation of Michelin men and women, waddling in and out of big-box stores and home to collapse on their sagging sofas… Continue reading Reasons for the season