“Sensory strobe light” from a simple soup

When I read a food article like Helen Rosner’s “The Female Chef Making Japan’s Most Elaborate Cuisine Her Own,” (from which I swiped “sensory strobe light”), I think I’m not trying hard enough. Very few exotic ingredients, so little “plating,” so much grabbing and going. But then I realize we’re lucky enough to eat really… Continue reading “Sensory strobe light” from a simple soup

Boffo Brussels sprouts

Something I never expected to hear: Stoic the Vast saying, “Wow (!), I can’t believe how much I like these.” Nothing new for me — I’ve loved Brussels sprouts since before I can remember, but Stoic… These sprouts from the March issue of Our State — Celebrating North Carolina magazine, though, are something else. The… Continue reading Boffo Brussels sprouts

Sempre vegetabilis!

Exploring Winston’s Sci-Works with grand-Stoics last week, I sat at a game in the kids’ area, thinking it would be a snap. Well, snap, it was not easy to click on foods that matched the game “challenges.”  Pick a packable (potable) lunch with no more than 600 calories, 5 g sugar and no fat, for example.… Continue reading Sempre vegetabilis!