Corn keeps coming; best corn soup yet!

Every time I ask if there’s more corn out there in the garden, the answer is, yes, there’s still some we can use or take to someone. Can’t believe how a week of rain on top of a hot dry summer plumped and sweetened it. Still seems like a miracle to me — the only… Continue reading Corn keeps coming; best corn soup yet!

Just say no?; grilled romaine

My Mother speaks. If  you don’t believe in those things, how are you going to stay sober? Every time I want to drink or do drugs, I’m going to make the decision not to do them. I’ll keep making that decision until it’s no longer a decision, but a way of life. Originally marketed as… Continue reading Just say no?; grilled romaine

Easter dinner, harissa roasted carrots

Occasionally, I’m reminded of our narrow taste palette. Making and cooking with harissa, a hot pepper paste from North Africa and the Mediterranean, was one of those times. Even before adding the lemon juice, olive oil and garlic, it smelled like nothing I could identify, except the overtones of anise. I needed only a wee… Continue reading Easter dinner, harissa roasted carrots

Kitchen Roselli, 131 Main and Greek couscous salad

Something in the Thai Steak Salad dressing at 131 Main in Cornelius (NC) tugged at the corners of my palate. Something familiar but unusual in an entrée salad. A blast of  summery green not usually keeping company with butter-tender bits of filet mignon. They added fresh mint to amp up the beef, mango, noodles and green… Continue reading Kitchen Roselli, 131 Main and Greek couscous salad

New year, new me, blah, blah, Brussels sprouts

Time to get re-revved. I’ve rejoined the YMCA after 6 years away. I can walk on the treadmill, do weight circuits, take water aerobics, spin and zumba classes, swim laps. If only it weren’t so much easier to lie in the recliner, read novels (ooh, like Barbara Kingsolver’s Flight Behavior) and eat leftover Christmas candy! Christmas around here really… Continue reading New year, new me, blah, blah, Brussels sprouts

Green beans and parsley redefined

Every once in a while — often enough to keep me trying new recipes — I stumble across one that redefines a food (or two). This is one of those recipes — made me almost forget the tender turkey breast glazed in summer’s peach preserves and next to the beans on last night’s dinner plates. When… Continue reading Green beans and parsley redefined