Blueberry pie, just blueberries

All my cooking life I’ve tended toward recipes that jazz things up. Not this one. Marion Cunningham’s Fresh Berry Pie in her revised Fanny Farmer Baking Book adds scarcely any thickener, which means it’s runny if you eat it before it’s sat on the counter overnight. It also means you taste nothing but blueberries (when those… Continue reading Blueberry pie, just blueberries

Strawberry pie; pork and cabbage salad

At the tire store yesterday to get a pickup tire patched, I bought this spring’s first local strawberries. (Hey, in our neck of the woods, it can pay to listen to the old men chatting amongst themselves!) They were perfectly ripe and sweet, he obviously picked them before the drenching rains hit, and I had… Continue reading Strawberry pie; pork and cabbage salad

A Tale of Two Pies

I ate the best beef of my life last week at 131 Main in Cornelius (NC) — another bon voyage whoopdedo for Dora the Explorer. I ordered the Thai Style Steak Salad and expected the usual chewy beef bites that bite back. But these were like butter — tender, sweet and with a distinctive flavor. I… Continue reading A Tale of Two Pies