I have turned into my dog

It’s true. I eat, I sleep and I am beyond excited when I to go for a car ride. That’s how I happened to try a 1997 Progressive Farmer recipe for Sweet Potato Bread in Week 4 of social distancing. I’m glad I kept it — it’s every bit as tasty and moist as the… Continue reading I have turned into my dog

Stealth weight loss; zucchini bread by request

The stealth weight loss continues — 10 pounds gone since Christmas. Mostly due, I think, to 5 consecutive swim-exercise sessions at our community pool since the arrival of our beloved grand, Snow White. Also, trying to make her diet a little healthier always improves mine. Except that I cannot get excited about the garden cucumbers… Continue reading Stealth weight loss; zucchini bread by request

Mindful eating of perfect cornbread

Every once in a while I stumble upon a recipe so perfect that I know I’ll never try another version of that particular food. The Silver Palate brownies with cinnamon and instant coffee (I added those two ingredients) is one. Rhonda Mellott’s baked corn recipe is another, although I’d call it cornbread because it’s more… Continue reading Mindful eating of perfect cornbread