70 is the new awesome

Tomorrow morning, to paraphrase Anne Lamott’s birthday column opener, I’m going to wake up 70 years old (9 years older than she). I am delighted that 1) I will most likely wake up; and 2) I will be at least 30 pounds lighter than on my 69th birthday. I’ve worked really hard on this; in fact, for… Continue reading 70 is the new awesome

What an appetizer and a restaurant should be

A week ago tonight, on a night like this with air like champagne, we sat at a wall of windows in Canyons, a bar and restaurant in Blowing Rock, NC. This was our 26th wedding anniversary celebration, and we’d decided to make it an occasion by driving 70 miles on a friend’s recommendation. That it was… Continue reading What an appetizer and a restaurant should be

Five easy pieces

I’m home from two weeks working away and 3 pounds heavier on the scales this morning. But since being a healthy weight is all about doing the best you can and climbing right back on the wagon every morning, that’s what I’m doing. I’m giving myself tiny pats for ordering light beers or single glasses… Continue reading Five easy pieces

Out of my comfort zone

I had to pack up my lunchbox and water bottles this week and move to a friend’s home about 70 miles away for some temp work. I was much more anxious than I’d have predicted — kind of like a recovering drunk, I guess, leaving her support group. I wasn’t taking my bike, didn’t really… Continue reading Out of my comfort zone

Harlequin glorybower and an NSV

Isn’t that a wonderful name for a tree? I just love saying  it, ever since I identified the perfumey trees blooming at the foot of our drive. If the wind’s blowing toward you, the sweet smell of the honeysuckle-like pink and white flowers is almost overpowering, but what else do we have to smell in mid-August?… Continue reading Harlequin glorybower and an NSV

Hysteria on the lips and hips

Getting rid of these 27 pounds has been so gradual (8 months) that I didn’t realize until I tried yesterday that I could fit into the orange linen cropped pants I bought on clearance a year ago. And when I’m thinking at 8 o’clock every night about another helping of  whatever, I also tend to… Continue reading Hysteria on the lips and hips

No fair!

In only 4 days, I got hornswoggled twice by restaurant salads. You’d think I’d have learned the first time when a signature chopped salad amounted to hundreds more calories and fat grams than I figured. But, nooooooo. Last night He Who Must Be Obeyed and I had a early light supper, meeting halfway between where… Continue reading No fair!