Steak salad and more longhorns

Looking at 1 cup of leftover rice, getting ready to nuke my lunch the other day, I realized — anew — that I can’t eat that much rice. Ever. It felt like a little death until someone in my online fitness support group suggested I say to myself, “The new JoAnn doesn’t eat that much… Continue reading Steak salad and more longhorns

Comfort food for the weather; perfect brown rice

Anyone who’s cooking in this weather is probably making at least some desserts. Sweets are the cuddliest of the comfort foods, and nothing’s cuddlier than rice pudding even though Stoic the Vast doesn’t think much of it.  (How is that possible?) Whenever we have enough leftover cooked rice, I get out Mollie Katzen’s original Moosewood Cookbook (Ten… Continue reading Comfort food for the weather; perfect brown rice

A healthy balance; slow-cooker beans and rice

People magazine’s Harley Pasternak wrote this week about an Iowa high school science teacher who lost almost 40 pounds, eating only at  McDonald’s for 90 days. (That’s 2 months longer than documentarian Morgan Spurlock, who made “Super Size Me” about his experience.). The secret, said Pasternak, was this dieter’s sense of balance. He ate everything… Continue reading A healthy balance; slow-cooker beans and rice

The frozen chosen chow down

Have I mentioned how much we like to eat at First Prez in Statesville NC? No more than 30 or 40 times? Well, it’s something we are REALLY good at. When, for instance, we had an after-church salad luncheon to welcome our minister back from a three-month sabbatical, I was expecting lettuce leaves and not… Continue reading The frozen chosen chow down

Chinese New Year, fried rice

Happy first day of the Year of the Dragon! I am making this the first day of my 2012 as well because the 22 days preceding have been pretty much a wasteland (waist-land?) as far as diet and exercise. On NPR’s “The Splendid Table” yesterday Lynn Rosetto Kasper talked to John Tierney, author of Willpower:… Continue reading Chinese New Year, fried rice