Green beans with a college education

Saturday night was miserable. Not just because of the Thursday gum surgery and my new allergy to hydrocodone but because I wanted to eat, eat, eat and my calories were mostly accounted for (that is, devoured) and at least our taste buds feel better while we’re cramming junk down our throats. Besides eating, I also… Continue reading Green beans with a college education

Long live the Queen

The Queen is dead, long live the Queen! The Golden Queen, that is. Garden-fresh corn  is a thing of the past until next summer except my brother-in-law just stopped in to say he has a last batch of  Silver Queen “coming on.”  That’s Southern for getting ripe, ready to pull, booyah! We’ve enjoyed GQ on… Continue reading Long live the Queen

Green beans are in!

Any minute now, we’re going to have another frog-strangler.  I know because the hummingbirds are eating twice as fast as usual (and the sky is black). One feeder is covered up with greedy June bugs, but the wee birds aren’t afraid of them like they’re scared of the Japanese hornets. I just got home with… Continue reading Green beans are in!

All mimsy were ye borogoves

I’ve never had a clue what this line from Lewis Carroll’s “Jabberwocky” means, but to me, just the sounds of it describe our ride this early morning. Ye borogoves were all mimsy with Michaelmas and ox-eye daisies, Queen Anne’s lace, blue spiderwort and pink phlox, milkweed, hairy vetch (purple), orange daylilies ,  ripening red blackberries,… Continue reading All mimsy were ye borogoves

Sumer is icumen in

On Saturday morning He Who Wears Plaid Shirts took my favorite Chicago knife to the garden and came back with Chinese cabbage, regular cabbage, broccoli and the snowiest cauliflower heads I’ve ever seen. We’d already bought 2 gallons of strawberries and a pound of snow peas at Howard’s berry patch so after I tried another… Continue reading Sumer is icumen in