Best bean salad ever — sweet corn’s the secret

For as long as beans have been in my life, I’ve eaten bean salad. My mother made it with canned beans and bottled Italian dressing. Stoic’s mother made a big batch once when she and his father were leaving town on a trip, and Stoic ended up ice skating on bean salad after he dropped… Continue reading Best bean salad ever — sweet corn’s the secret

And now, Father’s Day. Also, best fruit salad ever. With no added sugar!

OK, the good thing is: We get Mother’s and Father’s Day over within a few weeks of each other. Then I can revert to standard grump mode, as opposed to raging about the nonexistent parenting in my long-ago past. Even I realize this last hurts me as opposed to anyone else, especially those no longer… Continue reading And now, Father’s Day. Also, best fruit salad ever. With no added sugar!

The “old me” and best poppyseed dressing ever

A friend who’s had a much harder row to hoe with her breast cancer than I, says she doesn’t know if she’ll ever be back to “the old me” after chemo. I was lucky enough to skip the chemo; just a lumpectomy and 15 radiation treatments for me. So I’m thinking I don’t necessarily want… Continue reading The “old me” and best poppyseed dressing ever

Summer lentil salad

I knew I liked blueberries, lentils and feta cheese. I just didn’t know I liked them together. This salad is quick to prepare and gets better lounging in the refrigerator for a day or two. It has a lovely, full taste that keeps on getting better, and best of all, it’s good for you. No… Continue reading Summer lentil salad

Steak salad and more longhorns

Looking at 1 cup of leftover rice, getting ready to nuke my lunch the other day, I realized — anew — that I can’t eat that much rice. Ever. It felt like a little death until someone in my online fitness support group suggested I say to myself, “The new JoAnn doesn’t eat that much… Continue reading Steak salad and more longhorns

Weird stuff; orange-y slaw

If you’ve never done it, it’s difficult to live with as well as chronicle the mental side of shedding pounds. Eating was my go-to self-medication for all types of anxiety and depression. Now, for every little feeling that ruffles the smooth surface of my mental pond, I need to find other tools. When I don’t,… Continue reading Weird stuff; orange-y slaw

Just say no?; grilled romaine

My Mother speaks. If  you don’t believe in those things, how are you going to stay sober? Every time I want to drink or do drugs, I’m going to make the decision not to do them. I’ll keep making that decision until it’s no longer a decision, but a way of life. Originally marketed as… Continue reading Just say no?; grilled romaine