Squashed, again!

  Hoot, mon, it’s a great summer when the squash plants outdo themselves and you find two good new squash recipes. This one showed up last week in the American Profile magazine supplement, with Stoic the Vast pointing out the cover promo as “something else you could try.” I could also try reading for an entire… Continue reading Squashed, again!

Five guys, anniversary and pickled eggs

I have a long-time friend who’s said since she met His Royal Plaidshirtness (HRP) that he’s one of only 5 good guys in the galaxy and that if I ever leave him, she will personally take me apart. I agree he’s one of the good guys, and I happily think back to 24 years ago at this… Continue reading Five guys, anniversary and pickled eggs

Vegetarian vacation

As wonderful as it is when the children come home, it stinks when they leave to go back to college or work or both. Our youngest drove off in pouring  rain this morning, leaving the house feeling chillier and duller. We had a wonderful time, saw 9 movies during the 8 days and 9 nights she… Continue reading Vegetarian vacation