YMCA (hear the Village People roar)

“So how’s it going? Your hundred days at the gym or whatever?” It’s going. It’s #101daysagymrat and today is #27. I’ve done two spin classes and gone back in the pool for a deep-water aerobics session. I go to the Friday morning Silver Sneakers class with all the squats, and I hang around after church… Continue reading YMCA (hear the Village People roar)

#101 days a gym rat

I’m finally learning how to use Instagram. Today is day 14 of what I intend to be 101 consecutive days at the YMCA, and I also intend that people know just how hard I’m working at this. I want to be a healthy eating and exercising rock star, if not to an audience of millions,… Continue reading #101 days a gym rat

Fresh, fabulous figs

We waited longer for figs than for a baby. The latter took just under 3 years; the former, more than 25. And this year, booyah!, we have figs. Figs to eat out of hand, figs to freeze for making preserves and figs to cook. Assuming figs grew in Eden (fig leaves, remember?), why would anyone leave,… Continue reading Fresh, fabulous figs

I’m as corny as Kansas in August, slow-cooker corn chowder without cheese

We are covered up in summer squashes and sinking fast. Corn and tomatoes are advancing from the east (the garden). I spend more time in the kitchen these days than at any other time of the year because you can only give away so many zucchini and hot peppers. Stoic and I made two kinds… Continue reading I’m as corny as Kansas in August, slow-cooker corn chowder without cheese

Healthy, inexpensive fro-yo for your dog(s)

If my desk top weren’t a sucking fire swamp, I could tell you from what newspaper supplement I took this recipe. Wherever it came from, you can see our dogs like it — that’s 50+-pound pit mix Pearl licking out the mixing bowl. Simply combine 3 uber-ripe (peeled) bananas, 1 cup peanut butter and a… Continue reading Healthy, inexpensive fro-yo for your dog(s)

Holy cow! Easy zucchini-tomato Parmesan

Flipping between channels last night, I paused long enough on a PBS special about cancer research to hear an expert say something to the effect that obesity has finally passed smoking to be the #1 preventable cause of cancer!!! I think this was rattling around somewhere in my subconscious, but I’ve never heard overweight put… Continue reading Holy cow! Easy zucchini-tomato Parmesan

Summer sauces; tomato-fresh basil-garlic vinaigrette

I don’t know why, but it started with purchased tzatziki (cucumber, yogurt and garlic), which is really good on a chicken or tuna sandwich. Then, of course, the poppy-seed dressing and now a tomato-basil vinaigrette that’s out of this world. We’ll forget about the mayonnaise with siracha, soy sauce and sesame oil added for garnishing… Continue reading Summer sauces; tomato-fresh basil-garlic vinaigrette