Mindful eating of perfect cornbread

Every once in a while I stumble upon a recipe so perfect that I know I’ll never try another version of that particular food. The Silver Palate brownies with cinnamon and instant coffee (I added those two ingredients) is one. Rhonda Mellott’s baked corn recipe is another, although I’d call it cornbread because it’s more… Continue reading Mindful eating of perfect cornbread

Making butter, cheese, yogurt and lots of other stuff

Except for the pickled ginger, Sunday was an outstanding food day. My Valentine made real oatmeal for breakfast, no sugar, just the warm, oat-y taste of the grain and an occasional burst of sweetness from a soft, puffy raisin. The Women of the Church served lunch — a choice of chicken taco or potato soups, muffins, tossed salad… Continue reading Making butter, cheese, yogurt and lots of other stuff

Roasting/sauteeing produce just past its prime

  Nothing like a nice relaxing 20 minutes of yoga on the floor with a 70-pound pitbull who thinks I’m down there to play and a brain-damaged, chatty cat who thinks I’m down there to play pillow. The yoga and 15 minutes of weight work, plus a 30-minute bike ride in the freezing rain let me… Continue reading Roasting/sauteeing produce just past its prime

Spring still sprung **

“At most, there are two kinds of dysfunctional families: those who don’t talk enough and those who talk too much.” Elizabeth Wurtzel, Prozac Nation, 1994 I grew up in the first kind and married into one of each. Visits to my first in-laws featured late-night, alcohol-fueled rants of the George and Martha “Who’s Afraid of… Continue reading Spring still sprung **

Chicken corn soup and cranberry-orange bread — who I am

My father’s mother was so Pennsylvania Dutch she spoke it. My mother’s mother, so Northeastern WASP she spoke that!  My father loved Pennsylvania Dutch food so my passive-aggressive mother never fixed it. (Her friend Doris G. made this soup.) She loved struggling with cranberries to see if she couldn’t get her smooth sauce to gel… Continue reading Chicken corn soup and cranberry-orange bread — who I am

Fish chowder

It’s really difficult, if not impossible, to take a picture of a milk-based chowder that looks even a little appetizing. Let me promise you, though, that this easy soup is wonderful, nutritious and not loaded with calories. The recipe’s from my new favorite food magazine, Taste of Home, in which almost all the recipes are… Continue reading Fish chowder

Chinese New Year, fried rice

Happy first day of the Year of the Dragon! I am making this the first day of my 2012 as well because the 22 days preceding have been pretty much a wasteland (waist-land?) as far as diet and exercise. On NPR’s “The Splendid Table” yesterday Lynn Rosetto Kasper talked to John Tierney, author of Willpower:… Continue reading Chinese New Year, fried rice