Just when you thought it was safe

…to leave off admiring the goldfinch swinging on a black-eyed Susan seed head the size of an olive pit and go back in the kitchen, another heap of summer squashes appears.  And you’re ready with another unexpectedly wonderful recipe (something more than the chile to which you added chunks of zucchini before simmering). This Mexican… Continue reading Just when you thought it was safe

All mimsy were ye borogoves

I’ve never had a clue what this line from Lewis Carroll’s “Jabberwocky” means, but to me, just the sounds of it describe our ride this early morning. Ye borogoves were all mimsy with Michaelmas and ox-eye daisies, Queen Anne’s lace, blue spiderwort and pink phlox, milkweed, hairy vetch (purple), orange daylilies ,  ripening red blackberries,… Continue reading All mimsy were ye borogoves