“Sensory strobe light” from a simple soup

When I read a food article like Helen Rosner’s “The Female Chef Making Japan’s Most Elaborate Cuisine Her Own,” (from which I swiped “sensory strobe light”), I think I’m not trying hard enough. Very few exotic ingredients, so little “plating,” so much grabbing and going. But then I realize we’re lucky enough to eat really… Continue reading “Sensory strobe light” from a simple soup

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Should I admit I don’t mind being snowed in? Perfect excuse not to go to the gym, nor for long walks. Perfect time to plow through piles of old pictures, to take some new ones with my new camera, to finish one book and begin another. Plus, our energy-inefficient house is all windows looking out… Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day!

Set points, sloppy joes and settling points

I think I’m happy to have found this article by Joseph Hooper in the March issue of Elle magazine. It explains why I went at weight work this morning with a bang that’s left me still breathing hard 20 minutes afterward. There’s no reason for this piece to be titled “Sexy and I Know It,”… Continue reading Set points, sloppy joes and settling points