Syllabub, sillybubba

  I sipped syllabub on Saturday in Salem, at the wonderful old tavern in Winston-Salem to be precise. Here on Redneck Ranch, we’ll probably call it Sillybubba whenwe make it. My ancient, tattered Charleston Receipts (The Junior League of Charleston, 1950) has 3 recipes, two of them even older than the book and one requiring a… Continue reading Syllabub, sillybubba

Spring is not for sissies, strawberry crisp

Somehow we associate baby pastels with springtime, yet when I look outside, I see primary colors: The sky, of course, is Carolina (ick, go NC State!) blue and the baby maple leaves, red before they’re green. The intense yellow of the wild mustard and forage turnips, blanketing Iredell pastures as well as the meadowlark breasts turned to… Continue reading Spring is not for sissies, strawberry crisp