Back in the kitchen, empenadas

Eight weeks after my second hip replacement and I was ready this week to get back in the kitchen. Stoic the Vast does well at the stove (especially considering he started at Ground Zero), but he gets impatient, doesn’t like anything complicated. I live for complicated — as long as it’s healthy and fast. Not… Continue reading Back in the kitchen, empenadas

Eat, pray, love — the definition of supper at church

Last night we fixed supper for our church youth group: spicy lentil chili, broccoli cornbread, tossed salad, grapes and clementines, banana cake with caramel icing. It was some work but a lot of fun, unexpectedly so. As they finished their spring breaks, these teens were full o’ beans (even before the chili).  They were also happy,… Continue reading Eat, pray, love — the definition of supper at church

Kidding ourselves

“I think,” wrote our youngest daughter, “about a quarter of doing well at this eating/working out/being a healthy person thing seems to be tricking myself into thinking something.” At least. Hiding food where we can’t see it, smaller plates, moving to another room — away from the temptation — taking a shower or brushing our… Continue reading Kidding ourselves

Tubby oldsters and slimmed-down broccoli soup

When I repeated something I’d read about never seeing any old fat people, Stoic the Helpful suggested, “Santa Claus.” OK, besides a really fat and really old guy with a Downton Abbey-worthy household staff, who else? Anybody? Anybody not on a walker because of their abused old knees or hips? I can’t think of anyone;… Continue reading Tubby oldsters and slimmed-down broccoli soup

Broccoli-cauliflower salad

When my mother passed along a recipe, she usually typed it on a 3×5-inch card. I’m always amazed by the effort she put into sharing food ideas (but rarely thoughts or feelings).  This particular recipe came from Merron S., the daughter of Mother’s good friend Frieda B. who ran the (now closed) Lewisburg Inn and its lovely… Continue reading Broccoli-cauliflower salad