Addiction, the sequel (again!); stir-fry problem solvers

A friend’s child went into drug rehab this week. And the way my friend describes the drug use is exactly my thought process when I’m getting ready to medicate my low moods with over-eating: “S/he was only using a few times a week. S/he’d use, feel good. It would wear off. S/he’d get sick (feel… Continue reading Addiction, the sequel (again!); stir-fry problem solvers

The frozen chosen chow down

Have I mentioned how much we like to eat at First Prez in Statesville NC? No more than 30 or 40 times? Well, it’s something we are REALLY good at. When, for instance, we had an after-church salad luncheon to welcome our minister back from a three-month sabbatical, I was expecting lettuce leaves and not… Continue reading The frozen chosen chow down