Two cooks are not too many; curried chicken and cauliflower

I went back to work half-time at the end of May (with a 6 to 8 hour weekly commute) and did not foresee this benefit: Stoic the Vast has vastly expanded his cooking repertoire. He’s baked a toothsome whole wheat-oat bread for years and, likewise, always been in charge of fluffy omelets with sautéed peppers… Continue reading Two cooks are not too many; curried chicken and cauliflower

We are each other’s memories, home-court habits

“We are each other’s memories,” said my beautiful, silver-haired friend yesterday morning at book club, and with that remark, she grounded me in my world in a way I’ve never before felt. Until I went to college at 17, my mother, sister and I were kept isolated in a very rural setting by my control-freak… Continue reading We are each other’s memories, home-court habits

Broccoli-cauliflower salad

When my mother passed along a recipe, she usually typed it on a 3×5-inch card. I’m always amazed by the effort she put into sharing food ideas (but rarely thoughts or feelings).  This particular recipe came from Merron S., the daughter of Mother’s good friend Frieda B. who ran the (now closed) Lewisburg Inn and its lovely… Continue reading Broccoli-cauliflower salad

Sumer is icumen in

On Saturday morning He Who Wears Plaid Shirts took my favorite Chicago knife to the garden and came back with Chinese cabbage, regular cabbage, broccoli and the snowiest cauliflower heads I’ve ever seen. We’d already bought 2 gallons of strawberries and a pound of snow peas at Howard’s berry patch so after I tried another… Continue reading Sumer is icumen in