Out of my comfort zone

I had to pack up my lunchbox and water bottles this week and move to a friend’s home about 70 miles away for some temp work. I was much more anxious than I’d have predicted — kind of like a recovering drunk, I guess, leaving her support group. I wasn’t taking my bike, didn’t really… Continue reading Out of my comfort zone

World’s best chicken salad and how/why we cook/eat

Two recent cartoons in The New Yorker pretty much sum it up: PC Vey’s cranky cook saying to the man behind her at the stove: “Not now — I’m cooking to avoid intimacy.” And in the Pat Byrnes’ cartoon  the female cook asks an anxious-looking man, “How am I supposed to cook? The Internet is… Continue reading World’s best chicken salad and how/why we cook/eat

No fair!

In only 4 days, I got hornswoggled twice by restaurant salads. You’d think I’d have learned the first time when a signature chopped salad amounted to hundreds more calories and fat grams than I figured. But, nooooooo. Last night He Who Must Be Obeyed and I had a early light supper, meeting halfway between where… Continue reading No fair!

Bigger than I like to think

I’m wearing a pair of size 22W shorts and they’re uncomfortably tight. I know, just know, I’m not this big. I’m the one who didn’t order two summer dresses this week because the smallest size available was 1X.  Dang. Of course, that’s one of the problems we chubby people have — we don’t recognize/acknowledge how… Continue reading Bigger than I like to think