Kidding ourselves

“I think,” wrote our youngest daughter, “about a quarter of doing well at this eating/working out/being a healthy person thing seems to be tricking myself into thinking something.” At least. Hiding food where we can’t see it, smaller plates, moving to another room — away from the temptation — taking a shower or brushing our… Continue reading Kidding ourselves

Addiction, the sequel (again!); stir-fry problem solvers

A friend’s child went into drug rehab this week. And the way my friend describes the drug use is exactly my thought process when I’m getting ready to medicate my low moods with over-eating: “S/he was only using a few times a week. S/he’d use, feel good. It would wear off. S/he’d get sick (feel… Continue reading Addiction, the sequel (again!); stir-fry problem solvers

Chicken corn soup and cranberry-orange bread — who I am

My father’s mother was so Pennsylvania Dutch she spoke it. My mother’s mother, so Northeastern WASP she spoke that!  My father loved Pennsylvania Dutch food so my passive-aggressive mother never fixed it. (Her friend Doris G. made this soup.) She loved struggling with cranberries to see if she couldn’t get her smooth sauce to gel… Continue reading Chicken corn soup and cranberry-orange bread — who I am

Chinese New Year, fried rice

Happy first day of the Year of the Dragon! I am making this the first day of my 2012 as well because the 22 days preceding have been pretty much a wasteland (waist-land?) as far as diet and exercise. On NPR’s “The Splendid Table” yesterday Lynn Rosetto Kasper talked to John Tierney, author of Willpower:… Continue reading Chinese New Year, fried rice

Our old selves, jiffy curried chicken

Read a closet-cleaning article (a measure of my determination NOT to overeat or play computer solitaire) with a powerful image: Those clothes we can’t seem to discard are our old selves standing in the way of our newer (more organized, focused,thinner) selves. Perfect thought for Halloween, the idea of animating my baggy, saggy tees and sweatpants,… Continue reading Our old selves, jiffy curried chicken

The days dwindle down

A biplane buzzes through the storm clouds overhead, and the brain-damaged cat speaks in Siamese . The sweet olive’s tiny beige blossoms with the Christmas-cookie smell wind down while the purple astors gear up. Soybean plants turn from green to bright yellow to a lifeless brown, almost overnight, while sugar maple leaves ignite and the dogwoods… Continue reading The days dwindle down