Adult chocolate cake

It was a lovely wedding last weekend — beautiful, meaningful ceremony full of promises and promise, laughter, spring flowers, good people, fat babies and food to make hearts sing. Friday night we ate Italian, the Saturday brunch reception food was Cajun and the Sunday morning breakfast for out-of-towners was a table of quiches, breads, fresh… Continue reading Adult chocolate cake

Hark, the chocolate angels sing

If I could catch the house cats, chances are I’d dip them in chocolate. It’s that time of year.  And here I am, married to someone who only likes peanut butter cups because of the peanut butter. Before the December feeding frenzy finishes, he’ll have some sugar cookie cutouts, but for today: Mas chocolate. I’ll… Continue reading Hark, the chocolate angels sing


Picking from last brilliant flush of zinnias yesterday, flashed back decades to my habit of crying whenever my mother said anything nice to/about me — yes, compliments were that rare. I was literally starved for affection, and it takes no  keen insight to see why I’ve overeaten my entire life. I remember asking once, as a so-called… Continue reading Starved