Emo eating, addiction and wellness

I broke my foot in June and quickly gained 14 pounds — faster, you might say, than a heifer on a feed lot. That was five months ago. Since September I’ve carved off nine of those pounds — as slowly as sculpting marble with a butter knife. Aaargh, that’s all I can say. (Of course,… Continue reading Emo eating, addiction and wellness

A healthy balance; slow-cooker beans and rice

People magazine’s Harley Pasternak wrote this week about an Iowa high school science teacher who lost almost 40 pounds, eating only at  McDonald’s for 90 days. (That’s 2 months longer than documentarian Morgan Spurlock, who made “Super Size Me” about his experience.). The secret, said Pasternak, was this dieter’s sense of balance. He ate everything… Continue reading A healthy balance; slow-cooker beans and rice