Guilt and lamb

Amazing how one sentence can bring someone back from the dead and slap you up’side the haid. My mother’s been dead for 18 years, and yet when I found an old letter of hers this morning, boom! This letter’s at least 20 years old, maybe more. She’s talking about a much disliked sister-in-law’s back surgery… Continue reading Guilt and lamb

Sempre vegetabilis!

Exploring Winston’s Sci-Works with grand-Stoics last week, I sat at a game in the kids’ area, thinking it would be a snap. Well, snap, it was not easy to click on foods that matched the game “challenges.”  Pick a packable (potable) lunch with no more than 600 calories, 5 g sugar and no fat, for example.… Continue reading Sempre vegetabilis!

Giving thanks that we made it through Thanksgiving with grace

IMPORTANT! Left out when posted that KillaGrilla put one inch of water in the foil pan before he started. Otherwise, flames, mayhem! Another Thanksgiving is under our loosened belts. All went surprisingly smoothly, given the possibilities for disasters both personal and culinary. I woke up this morning thinking about my two favorite parts of the… Continue reading Giving thanks that we made it through Thanksgiving with grace

Delusion + carelessness = avoirdupois

Aren’t all women over the age of 45 invisible anyway? asked a friend who’s lost 80 pounds and  had just read my post about disappearing as I shed 27 pounds. Maybe in this country (think about the devastating glamor of French women “of a certain age”) and maybe if we take ourselves out of or away… Continue reading Delusion + carelessness = avoirdupois