Summer lentil salad

I knew I liked blueberries, lentils and feta cheese. I just didn’t know I liked them together. This salad is quick to prepare and gets better lounging in the refrigerator for a day or two. It has a lovely, full taste that keeps on getting better, and best of all, it’s good for you. No… Continue reading Summer lentil salad

Spicy lentil chili, college graduation!

There’s no close-up of this chili because there is no photogenic lentil chili. It all looks like sludge, no matter how fabulous it tastes. However, this recipe, adapted from Milwaukee restaurant Sauce via Gourmet magazine and, was the centerpiece of a graduation potluck picnic at Gettysburg College last weekend. Surprising people really enjoyed it,… Continue reading Spicy lentil chili, college graduation!