Holy cow! Easy zucchini-tomato Parmesan

Flipping between channels last night, I paused long enough on a PBS special about cancer research to hear an expert say something to the effect that obesity has finally passed smoking to be the #1 preventable cause of cancer!!! I think this was rattling around somewhere in my subconscious, but I’ve never heard overweight put… Continue reading Holy cow! Easy zucchini-tomato Parmesan

Smokey the Bear and Fall Noodle Bowl to take to your cave

This is the time of year when I eat as though I were going to hibernate — red meat, salmon, honey, anything I find under logs in the forest. Add to that a world-class cold I brought home last week from a Boston food fest, and you have the potential for serious ballooning. All this just… Continue reading Smokey the Bear and Fall Noodle Bowl to take to your cave

70 is the new awesome

Tomorrow morning, to paraphrase Anne Lamott’s birthday column opener, I’m going to wake up 70 years old (9 years older than she). I am delighted that 1) I will most likely wake up; and 2) I will be at least 30 pounds lighter than on my 69th birthday. I’ve worked really hard on this; in fact, for… Continue reading 70 is the new awesome

Not happy, sugar bear!

Argh, matey, it’s looking definite that we should eat no more than 25 g sugar daily to reduce inflammation, control weight gain and manage blood sugar. Not counting the 3 pieces of fruit I’ve had today, I ate 8 g sugar in my morning bagel thin and peanut butter and the lite sour cream and… Continue reading Not happy, sugar bear!

Kitchen Roselli, 131 Main and Greek couscous salad

Something in the Thai Steak Salad dressing at 131 Main in Cornelius (NC) tugged at the corners of my palate. Something familiar but unusual in an entrée salad. A blast of  summery green not usually keeping company with butter-tender bits of filet mignon. They added fresh mint to amp up the beef, mango, noodles and green… Continue reading Kitchen Roselli, 131 Main and Greek couscous salad

No fair!

In only 4 days, I got hornswoggled twice by restaurant salads. You’d think I’d have learned the first time when a signature chopped salad amounted to hundreds more calories and fat grams than I figured. But, nooooooo. Last night He Who Must Be Obeyed and I had a early light supper, meeting halfway between where… Continue reading No fair!