Chew vaccine, Veterans’ Day

During the first World War, my mother’s father was a New York City cop (his brothers-in-law served in Europe). My father’s father ran a Pennsylvania hardware. The family tradition continued through World War II, Korea and Vietnam. Not sure why my father was deferred — because he nearly died with cellulitis in 1941? First husband… Continue reading Chew vaccine, Veterans’ Day

Oh, what a beautiful morning!

59 degrees. Sunny Carolina blue sky with  a few cirrhus strands to the north. High of “only” 84 predicted. Air-conditioning off and windows open. Fall broccoli and cabbage plants set out. Mums unclenching their bright buds.  Time to anticipate fall in the South, one of two seductive seasons (the other being spring) that keep us here through… Continue reading Oh, what a beautiful morning!