We are each other’s memories, home-court habits

“We are each other’s memories,” said my beautiful, silver-haired friend yesterday morning at book club, and with that remark, she grounded me in my world in a way I’ve never before felt. Until I went to college at 17, my mother, sister and I were kept isolated in a very rural setting by my control-freak… Continue reading We are each other’s memories, home-court habits

Slow-cooker zucchini soup — use 2 pounds of the stuff in a single delicious recipe

No matter how carefully Stoic the Vast may plan, we always end up with extra yellow summer squash and not enough zucchini. I adore the latter, tolerate the former. Cooked yellow squash feels to me like raw squid must — oogly, googly and slickery. Zucchini, on the other tentacle, is more self-possessed, holds its shape… Continue reading Slow-cooker zucchini soup — use 2 pounds of the stuff in a single delicious recipe

Hoppin’ John Salad

Please note: A friend who ate this after it spent a day in the fridge liked it just fine. I could not taste any Italian dressing or thyme. Next time I will dress salad immediately before serving. My new left hip and I are celebrating today with the traditional Southern dinner thought to bring good luck, health… Continue reading Hoppin’ John Salad

Corn keeps coming; best corn soup yet!

Every time I ask if there’s more corn out there in the garden, the answer is, yes, there’s still some we can use or take to someone. Can’t believe how a week of rain on top of a hot dry summer plumped and sweetened it. Still seems like a miracle to me — the only… Continue reading Corn keeps coming; best corn soup yet!

Warm up with spicy sweet potatoes

Do you read People magazine online as I do (guilty pleasure #ohwhoknows)? Yesterday, Jennifer Lopez “revealed” her “conflicts about her body.” She’s gorgeous, 40 and stinkin’ rich and she has conflicts? She can’t decide whether or not she has to look “her best” every time she leaves the house. Fortunately, the “best” bar is a… Continue reading Warm up with spicy sweet potatoes

Spicy lentil chili, college graduation!

There’s no close-up of this chili because there is no photogenic lentil chili. It all looks like sludge, no matter how fabulous it tastes. However, this recipe, adapted from Milwaukee restaurant Sauce via Gourmet magazine and thespicehouse.com, was the centerpiece of a graduation potluck picnic at Gettysburg College last weekend. Surprising people really enjoyed it,… Continue reading Spicy lentil chili, college graduation!

Three hours, shrimp pitas

I’ve had a bleach tray in my mouth for 2 and 1/2 hours, supposed to keep it in for 3. You know what this means: no eating, drinking (coffee!) through a straw. There is probably no better illustration of my impatience with being in the moment. Three hours feels like 300. Kind of like the… Continue reading Three hours, shrimp pitas