The new normal; chard-crab quiche

I was diagnosed with breast cancer just before Christmas (yeah, Happy Holidays!), and that’s been my excuse for everything I don’t feel like doing ever since. Like eating well or exercising or going to bed at a reasonable time. “I oughta be able to do this — I have cancer!” Obviously, that’s not going to… Continue reading The new normal; chard-crab quiche

Gray rainy (grainy?) day quiche

OK, any day’s good for a well-made quiche, but it seems particularly appropriate on this gloomy-gus Wednesday while we deal with the last of the germs that accompanied us home from our recent trip to Baltimore, Boston and Gettysburg. Quiche is easy to prepare and even easier to enjoy. It’s soft and comforting as a… Continue reading Gray rainy (grainy?) day quiche

Long live the Queen

The Queen is dead, long live the Queen! The Golden Queen, that is. Garden-fresh corn  is a thing of the past until next summer except my brother-in-law just stopped in to say he has a last batch of  Silver Queen “coming on.”  That’s Southern for getting ripe, ready to pull, booyah! We’ve enjoyed GQ on… Continue reading Long live the Queen