We are each other’s memories, home-court habits

“We are each other’s memories,” said my beautiful, silver-haired friend yesterday morning at book club, and with that remark, she grounded me in my world in a way I’ve never before felt. Until I went to college at 17, my mother, sister and I were kept isolated in a very rural setting by my control-freak… Continue reading We are each other’s memories, home-court habits

C.S. Lewis, gluttony and white bean dip

For our Lenten reading/discussion, a few of us read C.S. Lewis’s “The Screwtape Letters” (1941). I only made it to one discussion but I did enjoy reading this, especially the devil’s letter on gluttony. Old Screwtape reminds his nephew Wormwood that there are two types of gluttony: Gluttony of delicacy and that of excess. Holy… Continue reading C.S. Lewis, gluttony and white bean dip

Kitchen Roselli, 131 Main and Greek couscous salad

Something in the Thai Steak Salad dressing at 131 Main in Cornelius (NC) tugged at the corners of my palate. Something familiar but unusual in an entrée salad. A blast of  summery green not usually keeping company with butter-tender bits of filet mignon. They added fresh mint to amp up the beef, mango, noodles and green… Continue reading Kitchen Roselli, 131 Main and Greek couscous salad

Gray rainy (grainy?) day quiche

OK, any day’s good for a well-made quiche, but it seems particularly appropriate on this gloomy-gus Wednesday while we deal with the last of the germs that accompanied us home from our recent trip to Baltimore, Boston and Gettysburg. Quiche is easy to prepare and even easier to enjoy. It’s soft and comforting as a… Continue reading Gray rainy (grainy?) day quiche

September morn

Too damp to try out the new horsey short-cut our neighbors cut between pastures this weekend. “You could drive a car through it,” promised Esker T., also promising Amish-made venison summer sausage after he and his wife and son bag their limit this fall, at least partly from the new tree stand installed in the… Continue reading September morn

Rosemary is for remembrance

Our Carolina Piedmont springs and falls are almost obscenely beautiful. That’s the swap we make for having to endure the almost unendurable steamy summers. As I write, we’re moving toward Amazonian rainforest temperatures and humidity. The wisteria is trying, once again, to yank the deck from the house. The roadsides are morphing from Monet-scapes of… Continue reading Rosemary is for remembrance