Weight Watchers watching

Sunday’s USA Today crossword features shades of blue. Appropriate, because I am feeling cobalt, indigo, azure, sky, baby, teal and several others since going back to Weight Watchers three weeks ago (my fourth trip to the scales is tomorrow). The first week I was just anxious — how was I going to figure out the nifty WW phone app?… Continue reading Weight Watchers watching

Acceptance shouldn’t be approval

Have you seen last week’s People magazine? Twenty-nine-year old Tess Holliday is on the cover — “The world’s first size 22 Supermodel!” — like it’s a good thing. I’m all for accepting yourself and seeing beauty in every size and color, but the 5’5″ 280-pound Holliday is cruising toward diabetes at warp speed. She may feel great… Continue reading Acceptance shouldn’t be approval

Warm up with spicy sweet potatoes

Do you read People magazine online as I do (guilty pleasure #ohwhoknows)? Yesterday, Jennifer Lopez “revealed” her “conflicts about her body.” She’s gorgeous, 40 and stinkin’ rich and she has conflicts? She can’t decide whether or not she has to look “her best” every time she leaves the house. Fortunately, the “best” bar is a… Continue reading Warm up with spicy sweet potatoes

Anne Lamott; salmon patties

Anne Lamott said many memorable things Sunday in Charlotte’s Christ Episcopal Church on a golden gingko-leaved fall afternoon. What I heard (meaning remember ) is that she didn’t want to be a model of “victimized superiority” (I know some of those dreary people), that she’s fairly certain among the things Jesus frequently says to her is… Continue reading Anne Lamott; salmon patties

Saying goodbye

You asked what it was like to put our youngest on the plane for 4 months in East Africa.  Sad.  Scary. Lonely, even though her father and I share this challenge. We’re both eating like bears getting ready for a Wyoming winter (I’ve put back on 9 of the pounds I lost for my high… Continue reading Saying goodbye

Stoic the Vast and Dora the Explorer; Tomato-cornbread salad

Here’s the thing: A whole lot of stuff does not matter once you get past, say, the quarter-century mark. My husband, Stoic the Vast, thinks that applies to everything (that it doesn’t matter), but he’s wrong. Some things do matter, just not the way people behaved in your high school class 50 years ago. As… Continue reading Stoic the Vast and Dora the Explorer; Tomato-cornbread salad

Puppy poop

It’s hard to fault a day in which a kitty shares her lunch chipmunk. Even a day when the air is like wet bread. Puppy and I walked 2.5 20-minute miles this morning. For her, that’s not even stretching her paws. For me, it’s faster than lightning, and I was soaked at the end of… Continue reading Puppy poop