Fresh, fabulous figs

We waited longer for figs than for a baby. The latter took just under 3 years; the former, more than 25. And this year, booyah!, we have figs. Figs to eat out of hand, figs to freeze for making preserves and figs to cook. Assuming figs grew in Eden (fig leaves, remember?), why would anyone leave,… Continue reading Fresh, fabulous figs

I’m as corny as Kansas in August, slow-cooker corn chowder without cheese

We are covered up in summer squashes and sinking fast. Corn and tomatoes are advancing from the east (the garden). I spend more time in the kitchen these days than at any other time of the year because you can only give away so many zucchini and hot peppers. Stoic and I made two kinds… Continue reading I’m as corny as Kansas in August, slow-cooker corn chowder without cheese

Chew vaccine, Veterans’ Day

During the first World War, my mother’s father was a New York City cop (his brothers-in-law served in Europe). My father’s father ran a Pennsylvania hardware. The family tradition continued through World War II, Korea and Vietnam. Not sure why my father was deferred — because he nearly died with cellulitis in 1941? First husband… Continue reading Chew vaccine, Veterans’ Day

Hoppin’ John Salad

Please note: A friend who ate this after it spent a day in the fridge liked it just fine. I could not taste any Italian dressing or thyme. Next time I will dress salad immediately before serving. My new left hip and I are celebrating today with the traditional Southern dinner thought to bring good luck, health… Continue reading Hoppin’ John Salad

Squashed, again!

  Hoot, mon, it’s a great summer when the squash plants outdo themselves and you find two good new squash recipes. This one showed up last week in the American Profile magazine supplement, with Stoic the Vast pointing out the cover promo as “something else you could try.” I could also try reading for an entire… Continue reading Squashed, again!

Grilled pizza — so good, so easy and so inexpensive

A nice neighbor gave us a huge box of North Carolina sweet potatoes as well as a huge package of sausage made from a hog he raised. So we were already halfway toward the Grilled Sweet Potato and Sausage Pizza recipe I’d saved from the Winston-Salem Journal for more than two years. The other challenge,… Continue reading Grilled pizza — so good, so easy and so inexpensive